About Me // Dusty Hegge

Hello all! Welcome to Throwing Pinecones; where we enjoy life one pinecone fight at a time. I am just so excited you stopped by and I really can’t wait to get to know you all. But, as this is my About Me page, you are here to learn about me, so I will get straight to the point.


I am a woman with many hopes and dreams (as all women should be) but the dream that surpasses them all is to be a strong woman of God. A woman who clings to her creator and trusts in His perfect timing. I want to echo His love and grace in every thought, word and action. I want to be a bold, courageous, gentle and completely and utterly at His surrender. I want to be humbly broken at His feet forever and ever – as a women who not only needs, but craves His love.

painting and coffee

God is just oh so good, guys. Right now I seriously couldn’t be happier! I am finally understand the meaning of being content. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a struggle and a half, but God is patient with me. I know that my good fortune has nothing to do with luck, it is God’s loving hand guiding me through life providing me with opportunities to first be tested and then to be obedient and trust HIm.

flowers in my hair edit

Roughly four years ago God began to led me to my husband-to-be. Today, I can proudly say that you can scratch the “to-be”! We are very happy newlyweds working out the kinks in life together. He works at our church as a full-time custodian and at home as the-best-pancake-maker known to the human race. I am a nanny to a wonderful family and a barista at Mud Bay Coffee Roasters and I seriously LOVE it. The coffee is divine, as a coffee connoisseur I am never more thrilled as I am when I am drinking a coconut or spiced chai latte at Mud Bay. I realize this may sound a bit jaded as I do work there, but I was a regular customer for TWO whole years before that. See, I told you it really is the best.

silly faces with canvas

Brian and I live in the beautifully green and rainy Olympia, Washington. I just can’t get enough Pacific Northwest! Big bulky sweaters to be worn, mugs to be filled with hot coffee or tea, mud puddles to be splashed, evergreens to be inspired by and pinecones to be thrown. Guys, this is the life.

dusty - sign

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